• ” Malabar Meat ”

    A revolutionary initiative by the BDS,
    An innovative community based farmer-oriented project
  • High quality Meat products

    The project also aims at empowering the farmers
    to tap modern technologies and mechanisms
  • Brahmagiri
    Society (BDS)

    The latest product from the Brahmagiri Development Society
    ” Malabar Meat “.

Welcome to Malabar Meat

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Welcome to Malabar Meat, the latest venture by Brahmagiri Development Society ( BDS ). Hygienic and high quality buffalo meat, chicken, mutton, and poultry products are processed and packaged at the BDS multi-species meat processing plant located at Manjadi ( Near Sulthan Bathery ) in Wayanad District, Kerala.

We are Professional

High quality meats and poultry products are processed and packaged at the BDS’s multi-species meat processing plant

We are Trusted

The hygienic as well as nutritious meat is being marketed through agencies spread across the northern Malabar region under the brand name “ Malabar Meat ”

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