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Malabar Meat-Brahmagiri Development Society (BDS)

Brahmagiri Development Society (BDS) came into existence in 1999 with an objective of playing an active role in assisting the farming community in Wayanad to attain self-sufficiency.The very purpose of the initiative is to form the launch pad for the agrarian dreams to effectively tackle fluctuation in market prices for their products; thus instilling self- confidence in them to make substantial progress rather than battling for survival. The project also aims at empowering the farmers to tap modern technologies and mechanisms to improve their financial condition.
Ever since its commencement, the BDS has been conducting various training programs in the dairy farming sector. The activities included scientific fodder production, construction of cattle shed and bio-gas plants, distribution of Azolla plants and implementation of Watershed Development programs with the assistance of the National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD) and the Western Ghats Development Program (WGDP). The latest product from the Brahmagiri Development Society’s table is the ” Malabar Meat “. A revolutionary initiative by the BDS, ” Malabar Meat ” is an innovative community based farmer-oriented project. High quality buffalo meat, mutton, rabbit, and poultry products are processed and packaged at the BDS’s multi-species meat processing plant located at Manjadi ( Near Sulthan Bathery ) in Wayanad district. The hygienic as well as nutritious meat is being marketed through agencies spread across the northern Malabar region under the brand name ” Malabar Meat “.


Brahmagiri Development Society is associated with Dairy Development Department, Animal Husbandry Department – Government of Kerala and NABARD in implementing various developmental and animal rearing project.
Our plant has been certified by ISO 22000 : 2005 which includes Food Safety Management System (FSMS) and HACCP.Our processing ensure you to receive highest level of food safety freshness. The plant facilities should be maintained machineries, automation, food grade packing material
In Arabic, the word Halal means permitted or lawful. The Quran teaches that all animals should be treated with respect and they should be well cared. Malabar Meat prepare meat under proper Islamic directory guidelines gathered from the Quran. Since Halal is one of the most humane methods of animal slaughter we prefer to follow the same without a flaw.